Montessori Why and How? A Modern Look with Dr. Steven Hughes

October 9, 2012 | Seton News

Seton Montessori Institute is thrilled to welcome Dr. Steven Hughes, pediatric neuropsychologist and Montessori advocate, to our Annual Fall Seminar on Saturday, November 10, 2012.His rapid-paced, entertaining keynote describes how Maria Montessori’s brain-based educational approach fosters the development of advanced cognitive functions, social cognition, empathy and leadership – literally building better brains.In the afternoon, Dr. Hughes will lead us in examining the vocabulary of Montessori education, exploring new approaches for communicating our methods and values with contemporary audiences.

Steven J. Hughes, PHD., LP, ABPdN is a board-certified pediatric neuropsychologist who specializes in assessment and treatment planning for persons who have problems with attention, concentration, organization, planning, and related executive functions. He also consults with organizations about educational program evaluation, and speaks to groups around the world about developmental education, neurocognitive  disorder, parenting, and other topics of interest to parents and educators. Dr. Hughes currently serves as Chair of the Association Montessori Internationale Global Research Committee.

Morning Session –10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Building Better Brains: The Neurological Case for Montessori Education

In this highly visual, rapid-paced and entertaining talk, Dr. Hughes describes how Maria Montessori’s brain-based approach to education provides an unparalleled foundation for the development of academic, social, and executive functions critical for advanced problem solving and lifetime success. He shows how Montessori education parallels what we now know about brain development and fosters the development of advanced cognitive functions, social cognition, and such higher-order competencies as empathy and leadership. Presented around the world, the material in this lecture will soon be available in book form.

Afternoon Sessions – 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Talking Straight About Montessori Education

Every club has its own codes and language, and the “Club of Montessori” is no exception. But is Montessori a “movement,” a “method,” or is it “education for the 21st century”? Montessorians know what they mean when they discuss “pedagogy” and “planes,” but does the language they use connect or distance them from parents and other interested (and sometimes skeptical) parties?How we talk about what we do makes a difference in now others perceive us and our work. THis workshop will identify some of the unique terms that make up the Montessori vocabulary, and explore ways to communicate Montessori concepts with more mainstream audiences. Working together, we will develop useful and accessible ways of describing the vision, methods, and values of Montessori education to parents, allies, and the broader community. Come prepared to think and contribute.

Full Seminar Cost, 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.:
$85 (includes lunch) Early Bird discount available until October 26
$95 (includes lunch) after October 26

Cost to attend only the Morning Session:
$45 Early Bird discount available until October 26
$55 after October 26

Cost to attend only the Afternoon Session:
$45 Early Bird discount available until October 26
$55 after October 26

Event will be held at the historic Mayslake Peabody Estate
1717 West 31st Street, Oak Brook, Illinois 60523

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