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Nature Walk Montessori School, Round Lake, IL – Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Nature Walk Montessori School

200 Footpath Lane – Round Lake, IL

Childrens House (3-6) Lead Teacher

Elementary (6-12) Lead Teacher

2017-2018 School Year

Nature Walk Montessori School is an environmentally friendly community that strives to nurture young children’s innate love of learning while fostering respect for all living systems.

We are proud to offer exceptional Infant-Toddler, Early Childhood and Elementary Education Programs with a strong environmental component. Our 10 acres of land and a brand new building specially designed to meet the needs of our young students allow us to provide a natural, safe, and stimulating learning environment. As an eco-school, Nature Walk promotes the children’s close interaction with their natural surroundings so they may develop a strong social and environmental consciousness. In our school children enjoy nature walks in our own trails to observe and appreciate natural life, play in our forest playscape, practice responsible disposal of waste by recycling and composting, collect water in rain barrels to use in our flower and vegetable gardens, participate in meaningful community projects such as the creation of our rain garden, pick apples from our own orchard, and many more. By learning to connect with nature, our students learn to respect, protect, understand, and enjoy the natural world.

We serve children aged birth to 14. We are Full Members of AMS.

Our staff understand and promote ecological responsibility, healthy eating and respect for all members of our school community. We expect our faculty to be involved and active in the school community. Confident, professional demeanor and a sense of humor are important characteristics. Candidates must be able to communicate effectively with students, parents, colleagues and others. We look for a long-term commitment to the school.

We are currently seeking:

  • A qualified and experienced Children’s House Lead Teacher.


  •             AMS or AMI Montessori Certification in the Early Childhood (3-6) level
  •             Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree
  •             Five years experience as an Early Childhood teacher in a Montessori setting
  •             Willing to embrace Earth education and stewardship


  • A qualified and experienced Lower Elementary Lead Teacher. The Lower Elementary Teacher will be responsible for leading a mixed-age first through fourth grade classroom and will work in collaboration with our Upper Elementary and Adolescent Teacher.


  •             AMS or AMI Montessori Certification in the Elementary (6-9 or 6-12) level
  •             Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree. Master’s Preferred.
  •             Three years experience as an Elementary Teacher in a Montessori setting
  •             Willing to embrace Earth education and stewardship

If you love nature and would like to work in a supportive environment, consider sending your resume to


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