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Woodland Montessori School (Madison, WI) – Late Day Teacher

November 9, 2017 | Employment Opportunities

Position: Late Day Teacher

Pay: Wage determined by related education and experience

Shift/Work Days : 8:30A-4:30P / Monday – Friday

Classroom: 2.5 – 4 year olds (Classroom 3)

Duration: 11/20/17 – 6/11/18


Minimum Requirement: We are searching for individuals who are enthusiastic and passionate about early childhood development. We prefer, but not require, a BA or BS degree in education, an AMS or AMI Montessori credential, Wisconsin Registry credential, a DPI Early Childhood or Kindergarten license, early childhood teaching experience, excitement, a “Can Do” attitude, a team player mentality, a good time manager, and someone with the ability to develop exceptional relationships with parents and co-workers. The ideal person has interest and knowledge of the Montessori philosophy, State/City required courses to work with children and State licensing required courses to be alone with children, must be able to pass a Wisconsin caregiver background check. Individuals that are enthusiastic and passionate about early childhood development are strongly encouraged to apply. If you are interested in enriching your life through working with the children of Woodland, please email a letter of interest to Nick (HR). Woodland offers a competitive wage based on related education and experience. For a complete job description please see below.

Description : The Late Day Teacher is responsible for implementing program activities as part of a teaching team, providing help to the Morning Lead Teacher in all area of the classroom program. This includes, but is not limited to, carrying out Montessori Philosophy, supervising children, communicating with parents, and providing a healthy and safe environment for children.


I. Supporting the Lead Montessori Teacher:

● Responsible for certain assigned areas of the classroom and specific blocks of time during the day.

● Assists in planning with the Lead Montessori Teacher and carries out directives.

● Takes charge of classroom when Lead Montessori Teacher is out of the room or absent.

● Helps with dressing, undressing, and toileting if needed.

● Assists and observes children in their work.

● Calmly prepares and facilitates transition activities.

II. Maintaining the Environment:

● Assists in caring and maintaining the outdoor and indoor environments. This may include, but is not limited to, dishwashing, cleaning shelves, sweeping, and disinfecting.

● Maintains the materials and works according to the Lead Montessori Teacher’s directives.

● Assists children in maintaining the environment.

● Reports to Lead Montessori Teacher if materials are in need of replacement or repair.

III. Maintains a safe and healthy classroom:

● Ensures all practices are in compliance with State Licensing Rules and City Accreditation Standards.

● Implements a healthy snack.

● Maintains a safe classroom.

● Maintains a clean and sanitary classroom.

● Follows WMS policy for attendance and knows the whereabouts of children in their responsibility care at all times.

● Promotes safe and healthy behavior between children. IV. Developing an understanding of Montessori philosophy:

● Present materials as directed by Lead Montessori Teacher.

● Knows existing materials, their purpose and use, and become familiar with new materials.

● Understands Montessori rationale in terms of approaching each child.

● Adheres to ground rules and is a role model for all.

● Encourages children to be independent.

● Allows activities to be child-led.

● Carries out WMS Child Guidance Policy.

● Studies to continually deepen understanding of the Montessori philosophy.

V. Establish positive and productive relationships with families:

● Relates pertinent information to parents on a daily basis.

● Promotes communication with parents.

● Encourages parents to participate in program.

● Relates all concerns regarding a child to the Lead Montessori Teacher.

● Is friendly and positive when communicating any information regarding a child to the family.

VI. To maintain a commitment to professionalism:

● Promotes WMS’s philosophy and educational objectives.

● Follows WMS policies, procedures, and general work rules.

● Engages in ongoing staff development and continuing education to improve personal and professional skills.

● Attends staff meetings, workshops, and in-service training provided by WMS unless the Director approves of absence.

● Attends WMS picnics and one WMS fundraising event per year.

Physical Requirements This position includes lifting, twisting, and kneeling. Must be able to lift and transfer a 35-75 pound child into different positions. Including assisting the child on the toilet and or with diaper changes.


If interested please contact, Woodland Montessori School –  1124 Colby Street Madison, WI 53715-2008

Phone: (608) 256-8076

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