Infant-Toddler Education

Seton Montessori Institute’s Infant-Toddler courses prepares self-aware adults as Montessori educators for children who are in what Montessori termed the first plane of development, the period of the Absorbent Mind.  The program is faithful to Montessori’s global vision and design while cultivating a spirit of scientific inquiry.  Our mission is the formation of Montessori educators who will inspire and guide children in their total development as citizens for tomorrow’s world.  In keeping with Maria Montessori’s commitment to scientific observation as the foundation of the educational process, Seton relies on observation and experimentation within its lab school program as an important source for adult learning and reflection.

The course prepares adult educators for work with children from before birth through three years. Each course cycle requires a minimum of twelve months to complete. Candidates are allowed up to three years to complete all course requirements for each course level undertaken.

Application and Interview Process

Submit a complete application. This includes:

  • Completed admission application with $500 application fee
  • Official transcript (or evaluation report for foreign educational credential) in the sealed issuing envelope
  • 3 Three references (can be emailed to
  •  TOEFL score (for those who are non-native English speakers)

Upon review, the Academic Director will contact candidate to schedule an interview.

Educational Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree is strongly preferred. Candidates should check with their state and school officials to verify requirements for lead teachers. For complete information on qualifications and credentials see the current student catalogue.

Application Deadlines

Spring Cohort: March 2, 2015; Summer Cohort: May 1, 2015

Note: A $200 late enrollment fee will apply to all applications processed after the published deadline.

Prerequisite to Academics

Introduction to Childhood Development (ICD) Course

Montessori educators rely on a strong foundation of child development guided by observation to support the children they serve. Students must demonstrate prior completion of a child development course, or attend the six-week online ICD course offered by Seton.  Cost: $350.

Academics (Class sessions are 8:30 am – 5:00pm)

Orientation Seminar and Independent Study AssignmentsAn Orientation Seminar is scheduled once a candidate has completed his/her interview and been accepted. Orientation Seminars are offered monthly (September through May) and introduce the student to a six-week sequence of independent study assignments designed to lay a foundation for academics. Orientation must take place prior to beginning attendance of academics (Spring or Summer).
 Spring 2015 Cohort Dates  Summer 2015 Cohort Dates
 April 10, 11, 12April 17, 18, 19April 24, 25, 26June 29 – July 22 (Monday – Friday; Holiday: July 3rd)  June 16 – July 22, 2015  (Monday – Friday; Holiday: July 3rd) 

 Continued Academic Seminars

 November 6 – 9, 2015  March 31 2016 and April 1-3, 2016
 Final Seminar: November 12, 2016 (Course requirements must be completed by July 31, 2018).



A standard student teaching practicum consists of a minimum of nine consecutive months and 540 classroom hours working under a supervising teacher at a Montessori school selected by the student teacher and approved by the course director. The environment needs to provide a full complement of appropriate Montessori materials and serve 0 – 18 months, 18 – 36 months, or both.


To view our student catalogue please download this .pdf: 2015 Infant-Toddler Student Catalogue


Infant-Toddler Course Tuition: $6,175

$5,700 Tuition Fee plus $475 Certification/Membership Fees (Academic credit fee: $100;

MACTE Fee: $160; AMS Adult Learner Fee: $215).

Payment Schedule

Application Payment:  $500

Initial Payment: $2,475 (due one week prior to assigned Orientation Seminar). If ICD Course is required payment due is $2,825.

 Balance of Tuition:                                         
 Plan 1  One payment of $3,200 due on June 1, 2015
 Plan 2  Two installments of $1,600 due on June 1, 2015 and December 1, 2015
 Plan 3 ($50 finance fee included)  Four installments of $812.50 due on June 1, September 1, December 1 (2015) and March 1 (2016)
 Plan 4 ($100 finance fee included)  Ten installments of $330 due on the first of each month from June 1, 2015 through March 1, 2016


Refund Policy

If an applicant is not accepted, the $500 application payment is refunded. If an applicant withdraws before the Orientation Seminar, $400 will be refunded. A letter of withdrawal must be submitted by the student in order to receive a refund. No refunds of the Application or Initial Payment will be made after Orientation Seminar has begun.


  1. Tuition payments received more than five business days after the payment plan due date, will result in a $25 late payment fee. Checks returned for any reason will result in a $25 returned check fee.
  2. Practicum Visits (in the continental United States to sites over 150 miles from Seton Montessori Institute) require a travel expense fee of $250 per visit for the first and third visits. This is non-refundable and due prior to the visit.
  3. Checks or money orders are accepted for all payments. Cash is not accepted.
  4. Visa or MasterCard® (presented in person during business hours) are accepted for Initial Payment, Plan 1 or Plan 2 options only.
  5. $350 ICD Course fee will be charged if a transcript is not available at time of provisional acceptance; the payment will be refunded after verification. 

Those student’s completing the course of study will receive an AMS credential. Those with bachelor degrees, or their equivalent, will receive an AMS credential in Infant-Toddler Education. Those who do not have a bachelors degree, or its equivalent, will receive an AMS Associates Credential.

Students are eligible to receive undergraduate credit for their work through Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL. For graduate credit, please request information from our registrar.

For more details email our Registrar, Rachel at She will be pleased to answer any questions concerning our programs or the admissions process.

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