Infant-Toddler Education

This course content focuses on the characteristics and needs of the very youngest children and the special personal preparation needed by those who work with infants, toddlers and their families. The course is organized into six successive phases. These phases are:

*Pre-requisite for all applicants without a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood, Child Development or Elementary Education is completion of the online “Introduction to Child Development.”

** Pre-requisite for Elementary applicant without a MACTE Montessori Infant-Toddler and Early Childhood credential must take an Overview of Early Childhood Course.


Phase I: Submit a complete application. The academic director will contact the applicant for an in-depth personal interview.

Phase II: A small-group orientation that introduces preparatory assignment work

Phase III: Beginning academics offered twice annually in a weekend format in the Spring and a weekday format during the Summer

Phase IV: A minimum nine-month supervised practicum (begun after completing beginning academics)

Phase V: A sequence of continuing academic seminars that give support during what is typically the practicum year

Phase VI: A postgraduate seminar that encourages students to begin the habit of participating in regular continuing education.

The Infant-Toddler course requires a minimum of a year to complete, with a maximum three-year time limit allowed. The academic component of the program includes sessions in Montessori philosophy and pedagogy (with a built-in overview of early childhood curriculum), an in-depth treatment of development, environment and activities spanning the age range from prenatal through age three, sessions to develop observation and recording skills, sessions on family and community, program leadership and school administration. Students choose from four practicum models, and, assisted by our Practicum Coordinator, Elizabeth Norman, arrange a practicum at an approved program, during which they are visited by Seton Montessori Institute field visitors. The practicum spans nine consecutive months and consists of a minimum of 540 hours.

Those student’s completing the course of study will receive an AMS credential. Those with bachelor degrees, or their equivalent, will receive an AMS credential in Infant-Toddler Education. Those who do not have a bachelors degree, or its equivalent, will receive an AMS Associates Credential.

Students are eligible to receive undergraduate credit for their work through Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL. For graduate credit, please request information from our registrar.

For more details email our Registrar, Rachel at She will be pleased to answer any questions concerning our programs or the admissions process.

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