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The Practicum portion of a Montessori teacher’s education is an essential opportunity to apply the principals and knowledge learned through the beginning academics portion of coursework.  Seton Montessori Institute will work with you (or your sponsoring school) to ensure that the theory learned in seminar is fully integrated with the experience of working with young children.  Seton educators will visit your practicum site and observe the student teacher’s work.  Together with the Supervising Teacher, the Seton Montessori Institute field visitor will offer valuable feedback, advice, and encouragement to the new Montessori teacher.

Seton Montessori Institute offers substantial support during the Practicum experience.  Please be sure to discuss this important part of a Montessori teacher’s education when applying to the Credential program.

For more information, contact the Seton Montessori Institute office by calling 630/654-0151 or emailing to

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