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Public Policy Advocacy

Montessori and the Core Standards – An Initial Alignment and Correlation

Completed by Anna Perry and Stacey Edwards with the help of countless Montessori and Non-Montessori Advocates

under the auspices of the Association of Illinois Montessori Schools (AIMS)


In 2010 the National Governors Association released the ground breaking Common Core State Standards, which were quickly examined and adopted by numerous states.  To date (March, 2012) 45 states, plus the District of Columbia, have adopted the Common Core State Standards.  For the past two years the Montessori community has been working to create basic correlations to these standards.  This page has been created to share these collaborative initial correlations, and to share this resource with the greater community.  What we ask is that if you utilize these frameworks to inform your correlation efforts between Montessori and the Core Common State Standards, that you send us a copy to so that we can continue to share the resources.

What you will find here for free download includes the current copies of the correlated standards for the various Montessori levels.  In downloading these documents, you agree to a) use them for any use other than for sale of the content held within and b) adapt and modify them to meet your advocacy needs and when ready for publication and/or distribution share a copy with the authors via  Here are our documents to share on behalf of AIMS:

1.  Introduction to the Common Core State Standards and Montessori (and why we need to correlate) – Correlation Introduction.pdf

2. Montessori/Core Alignment for 3-6 year old programs (aligned to Kindergarten Core Standards) – 2012-03-12Correlation_Kindergarten.PDF and .xls (COMING SOON)

3. Montessori/Core Alignment for 6-9 year old programs (aligned to 3rd grade Core Standards) – Third_Grade_Correlation.PDF and .xls (COMING SOON)

4. Montessori/Core Alignment for 9-12 year old programs (aligned to 6th grade Core Standards) – 2012-03-12Correlation_Sixth_Grade.pdf and .xls (COMING SOON)

5. Montessori/Illinois State Standards Kindergarten alignment for science, history and Foreign Languages, which are currently not covered by Common Core Standards – 2012-03-12Illinois_Kindergarten_Correlation.pdf and .xls

6. Montessori/Core Alignment framework for Adolescent programs (to be completed).  Click here to download the .xls of the template to help with this project! – 2012-03-12Correlation_Adolescence.xls

7. Summarizing Powerpoint Presentation (COMING SOON) – PDF


Please email us at to let us know what you think and how you are utilizing this information!


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