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Our Montessori classroom environments are based on a dynamic blend of freedom and structure. Children are encouraged to choose their activities from among a wide variety of prepared materials in a carefully planned and structured environment. The emphasis is on cultivating awareness, independence, and responsibility in a multi-age community.

The learning curriculum includes planned activity in every day living skills, sensorimotor development, language arts, mathematical thinking and cultural subjects. Children enjoy interacting with nature and engaging in music, movement and art. Spanish as a second language and Suzuki violin are offered as special programs.

Our teachers see themselves as guides and facilitators of children’s learning. Teachers prepare the learning environment, assist children in making choices, and observe and record progress in order to better follow the interests and needs of each individual.

We consider parents to be the primary educators of their children and see our job to be educational resources in that effort. Each year there is a carefully planned calendar of parent and family events. Included are an introductory course to familiarize parents with the Montessori approach, follow-up parent nights to explore specific topics of interest, seasonal workshops that bring the community together for projects in the environment, family fun events, and parent-teacher conferences.

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