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Why Choose Seton?

Founded in 1965, Seton Montessori School has prepared thousands of children for a life of learning, adventure, and discovery. The school serves children from before their birth (by helping their parents!) through their elementary education.

Its core academic offerings are complemented by after-school activities, music lessons, language education, and summer camp programs that are designed to enrich the life of the young learner.

Here are a few reasons why families have chosen to pursue their child’s Montessori education with Seton:

  • An extraordinary faculty, with caring, educated, and attentive teachers who are focused on each child’s needs;
  • A terrific campus, situated on 4 wooded acres, with varied learning facilities, fields, pools, and gardens.
  • A challenging curriculum, which is both faithful to Montessori’s philosophy and reflects the latest in childhood education research.
  • A rich learning environment, consisting of excellent Montessori materials, physical fitness equipment, artistic spaces, pavilions, animal pens, and more.
  • A personalized approach, with teachers observing and guiding each child to their fullest potential.
  • An engaged community, consisting of families and educators, that works in concert to create the best environment for the children.
  • A committed administration staff, available to address questions relating to your child’s education or any other topic.
  • An affordable and accessible education, with programs in place for financing options and needs-based scholarships.
  • A cutting-edge lab school of ┬áthe Seton Montessori Institute, one of the largest and oldest Montessori teacher education programs in the United States
  • A recognized leader in Montessori education, accredited by the American Montessori Society, accredited by the National Association for Young Children, and registered with the Illinois Department of Education.

Contact Seton Montessori School at (630) 655-1066 or to learn more about how Seton can serve your child’s educational needs.

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